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This is my home page. It contains the truths and myths of who I am. So have FUN and don't take anything I say too seriously. Remember my motto:

Let it all ride on number 7.

I am a software consultant with expertise in networking and operating systems internals. If interested you can view my resume and if you have any questions regarding it or need a consultant please send email. I really enjoy what I do and I take the energy that I have and direct it into my work, allowing me to provide a good service. To help meet your objectives, I do both full time and part time consulting.

Enough of the advertisements, they pay the bills but is not the reason your here. So on we go with who I am....

My Hobbies

Well I have a number of hobbies that keep me busy. Here is a short list of some of them here:

My Stamps

I got interested in stamps when I was a small child. I was given a collection from all over the world. It had many stamps and for all I knew they were worth a mint. It got me interested and I was off. In fact, my goal was to collect every stamp ever made! While this was not an obtainable goal I did collect stamps from all parts of the world. From this I was able to learn a lot about world geography, world history and a lot of information about a wide range of stamps. Knowing that I could not collect every stamp ever made I decided to focus on the classics (19th century stamps and some turn of the century stamps pre-WWI). This seemed like a logical decision since they were not making these stamps any more and I find these stamps the most interesting of all.

I currently special in German States, Canadian Provinces and early Commonwealth stamps. I love to buy and I love to sell stamps in these time periods. If this interests you then follow the links at the bottom of the page or go directly to my favorite stamp site. stamp link.

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Yes I listed Volleyball as one of my hobbies, but I like just about any sport. I play volleyball a couple times a week as well as backetball and hiking. If you consider pool or darts a sport then tack those onto my weekly list. I suppose you could say I like doing most anything as long as it gets me off the couch! I have a VCR and if I want to watch something I can tape it and watch it before I go to bed, when I am too tired from my sports to move:-) I also like to play softball, go bike riding as well as weight lifting.

Of course thereisn't enough time in the day to do all of these activities so I am learning how to time slice so that I do not burn out. I always try and leave one weekend day open for some sort of hike. I really love to get out in the wilderness. Camping, backpacking and hiking is something I look forward to every spring/summer as thats some of the best hiking in California. I also do some traveling for the job, and for pleasure, and I always try to find new and interesting places to hike.

Pennies and Photography

Both of these hobbies came out of my travels. I took up photography when I was on the road 2 weeks out of every month. I was going to places like Hawaii, Blue Ridge Mountains, Bear Run Country in Penn. as well as the White and Green Mountains in New England. So I was spending my weekends exploring and I decided to record what I saw. Since I am not a painter or good at drawing things, I figured this was my artist outlook on life. Some of photos have done quite well in the county fair.

So what is this smashed penny thing? Well if you haven't been able to tell so far I really do not have time to shop with everything else I am doing. Acutally, I really do not like to shop. On one trip, probably to Disneyland, since they are the king of smashed penny machines, I thought what a great souvenir. The best part is many times the machines are on the streets, you do not even have to go into the store. So this is how I started collecting smashed pennies. I think I am now up to over 250. At 51 cents a pop, thats a lot of pennies.

Another place to get pennies has been in museums. As an adult I really gathered and appreciation for museums. Part of this was due to my travels and some due to maturity (nah!) but I like historical homes and interesting museums, and many of these you'll be able to find a penny machine.

Thats it Folks

Well thats it. This is my web site. Yup, its new and over time it'll change, but for now you get what you get. Thanks for visiting and if you want, follow the links to either stamps or consultant info like my resume (I know another info-mercial, sorry about that). Or just send email and say hi!

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Richard Fox
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