This small lot of stamps is representative of stamps from all over the world and from different time periods. What do you collect?

jamaica11   swiss21   swiss8
Scott #11 (Jamaica): A good example of an early CommonWealth stamp. A clean issue with nice color. Cats $60. Sales price=$30.   Scott #21: Switzerland. A very nice copy from 1854-55. Perfect SON cancel. Filled thin on back. Stamp cats. $110. Sales Price $45.   Scott #8: Very nice copy of an early Swiss stamp from 1850. Stamp cats. $140. Price $60.

Stamps from around the world. Including some complete sets from Germany, Ireland and Australian Antarctic Terr.

australia10   ddr80
Scott #10: Early Aussie stamp. Disturbed gum, otherwise very nice. Cats $45. On sale for $25.   A complete set from Germany. Scott #80 & #81. Retails at $45. On sale for $22.50.
ddr85   ireland149   austant77   gb4
Complete set from Germany (Scott #85-88) issued in 1951. Cats $47.50. Price is $30.   Complete set of early Ireland stamps (Scott #149-150).
On sale for $7.
  Scott L77-80: Australian Antarctic Terr. Complete set from 1978. A very colorful and dramatic set. Price is $3.50.   Scott #4: Early Great Britain from 1841. Close margins otherwise nice. Price is $12.

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