We have pretty stamps as well as classic stamps. We even have some hard to find stamps, including a stamp from Wurttemberg. German State stamps are very desirable as these are heavily collected. Quite a fascinating area of stamps. The states stamps were replaced with the German stamps starting with the small shield varieties. Ask for more details if you want to learn more.

brant68   brant71   belgium15   bav1
Scott #68-70 (Br Antarctic Terr.): Complete set from a hard to find territory of the Royal Family Silver Jubilee of 1977. Sales price=$2.50.   Scott #71a-c (Br Antarctic Terr.): Complete set from 1978 comm the commemorating the anniversary of the Coronation of 1953. Sales price=$2.25.   Scott #15: Early Belgium. Cats at $80. Sales Price $20.   Scott #5: Famous Bavarian 1 (with APS cert.) from 1849. The first German State stamp issued. A fun piece to have. Looking for any particular German or States issue this is the place, just ask! Price: Not For Sale at this time.

Some early classics from areas within stamp collecting that are very popular among collectors. These early stamps are unique and interesting. We enjoy these stamps and would find it a fun adventure to locate any stamp in any of these areas for you.

denmark7   france13   france46   netherlands2   saxony1
Scott #7 (Denmark): Great cancel. Very Fine copy. Price is $4.   Scott #13 (type I): Used early stamp from France. Tiny thin spot on back only. Nice margins. Cats at $75. On sale for $20.   Scott #46: Another stamp from early France. Has a thin spot on the back, otherwise, this is a very nice copy of a hard to find item. Stamp cats $175. On sale for $40.   Scott #2: Town cancel on a fresh copy of an early Netherlands stamp. Retails at $20. On sale for $11.   Scott #1: The second jewel of the German States. A very hard and very desirable stamp to try and acquire. This is the second German State issued and was originally a newspaper stamp. Looking for Classics, then you have come to the right place. Not for sale at this time.

Here is a few selections from Canada. We have many early Canadian stamps, including nicer items from the Provinces.

canada152   canada156   canada126a
Scott #152: Never hinged and very fresh. Cats at $19. Sales Price $10.   Scott #156: Very clean, demonstrating nice engraving from early Canada. Cats at $17.50. Sales Price $13.   Imperf pairs Scott #126a and #128a. Cats at $50. Both pairs for sale at $25.

GotStamps Guarantee

All stamps pictured are guaranteed genuine or we will be more than happy to refund your money.

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