Mint stamps from the famous US 1892 Columbus Series. Fresh looking stamps at a high discount. Ask about other items from the series.

us230   us233   us236
Scott 230: Never Hinged. Cats at $40. Sales Price $18.   Scott 233: Good centering fresh look. Cats at $87.50. Sales Price $20.   Scott 236: Good gum w/3 nice margins. Sales Price $27.

A couple of very early US stamps from the 19th Century. There are some of GotStamps favorites. So send us your wish list.

us9   us78
Scott #9: One of the first issues by the US. This stamp is in great condition and is very attractive. Retails at $150. On sale for $75.   Scott #78: Variety of shades on this unique 24c item. Cats at $80. On sale for $29.

Some early US stamps with portraits of famous people. There are plenty of other famous people on stamps. GotStamps has them.

us219   us306   us298
Scott #219: Very fresh looking stamp. Cats at $25. Sales Price $10.   Scott #306: Nice margins and a very clean look. Cats at $37.50. Sales Price $20.   Scott #298: Very nice copy of this hard to find item. Good centerin, color and perfs! Sales Price $50.

GotStamps Guarantee

All stamps pictured are guaranteed genuine or we will be more than happy to refund your money.

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