GotStamps German Stamps

German Stamps and German States is the speciality of the house. The list of items on the links below is always out of date as we are always acquiring collections and singles from this area. We have a large assortment of German States stamps and the pages only reflect a small subset of what we have (just received 3 very nice German collections from the turn of the century). We deal with many suppliers that specialize in this area as well, so we can get the stamp you are looking for, including Prussia #7 Mint with cert. Cats at $1200. Or how about Wurttemberg #29 used? It cats at $1200. Can find pristine copies or damaged (which are more affordable) ones. Send us a wish list and we will work on filling it. In the meantime, enjoy the lists.

GotStamps German Pages

Scott 1-4: Some very hard stamps to find from Heligoland. These stamps are guaranteed to be real (not reprints)! Heligoland used to be part of the British Commonwealth and is now part of Germany. These are some of hardest stamps in the world to authenticate because of such slight differences in shades of color and minute details. These stamps cat. $660. They all have minor faults but are still good specimens. Make offer.
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