GotStamps has acquired a number of better Canadian stamps. From the early issues to recent issues. Do you like the colorful stamps or the coils? We have them. Pictured below are just a few items that we have. If you are interested in any of the stamps pictured below or ANY stamp from Canada, then please email us for prices. Remember, the more you buy the bigger the discounts! So for now, sit back and enjoy the stamps and please be patient while they load.

can51   can90   can190
Scott #51: Commemorates the 60th year of Queen Victoria's reign. The stamps of this 1897 series are one of the most popular stamps from early Canada.   Scott #90: 1903 King Edward VII 2 cent carmine. This stamp is part of another highly desirable early Canadian set.   Scott #190: Sir Georges Etienne Cartier.

A colorful series from the Christmas of 1976.

can529   can530

Here is a nice souveniour sheet from Canada issued to commemorate CAPEX held in Toronto 1978 as well as a colorful block of flowers issued to commemorate Japan Expo 1970 in Osaka.



Some examples of coil stamps of King George V.

can127   can131   can178   can183

These stamps were issued in 1927 to commemorate the 60th year of the Canadian Confederation.

can141   can142   can143   can144
Sir John A. Macdonald   The Fathers of Confederation   Parliment Building at Ottawa   Sir Wilfred Laurier

A few more stamps from the 20's and 30's.

can146   can235 can236   can242
Scott 146: Portrait of Thomas d'Arcy McGee   Scott 235 & 236: two stamps of King George VI   Scott 242: 1938 issue with a beautiful design of "Entrance to Halifax Harbor"

A few examples from the 40's-60's. There are more where these came from.

can330   Scott 330: (left) Coronation Issue of Queen Elizabeth II (1953).

Scott 260: (right) Issued to publicize Canada's contribution to the war effort (1942 series).
can362   can486   can492
Scott 362: 1956 issued for Canada's paper industry.   Scott 486: 1969 Issued to commemorate Canada's WWI Vimy Ridge Memorial.   Scott 492: 1968 issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Armistice which ended WWI.

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