GotStamps: Buying and Consignments

Do you have a collection or a stamp that you would like to sell? Here at GotStamps we are very interested in helping you.

Free Appraisals

Before selling a collection you need to know how much its worth. We offer a free appraisal program to help give you a starting point for how much to list your stamps for. Just send email to for details.

Buying versus Consignments

There are 2 ways we can help sell your stamps. We offer a generous buying program where GotStamps will buy your stamps. This is quick and easy.

However, there are times when a collection can bring in more money if sold directly to the public. For a small commission, GotStamps will sell your collection or stamp on consignment. We do all the work. With a large customer base and large online market base, we will sell your stamps.

How to Start

Not sure your ready? Not sure how to sell your stamps? Contact us at GotStamps and let us answer your questions with no strings attached. Just fill out the simple form, send it in and we will do the rest.

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